2018 Media Coverage

December 2018|BNN Bloomberg

Personal Investor: Mobile Brokerage Newbie Takes Top Spot in Ranking

Interactive Brokers was ranked #1 by a wide margin in its first year being included in the Surviscor Mobile Ranking Review. Interactive Brokers earned a 94% rating, beating out 10 other companies. The next highest rating was a 64%. IBKR was praised for its "seamless online-to-mobile transitional experience".

November 2018|Seeking Alpha

Interactive Brokers: The Ideal Stock for Rising Rates and Volatility

Author Billy Duberstein writes that volatility and rising rates could be beneficial for Interactive Brokers and he expects those factors to contribute to a strong quarter for IBKR. He notes that the company's competitive advantages include advanced technology for sophisticated traders, low cost trades and the lowest-cost margin loans.

November 2018|Financial Advisor

Interactive Brokers Eyes RIA Accounts as It Rolls Out Platform

Interactive Brokers has a growing RIA custody business, serving 11 percent more advisors than a year ago. One tool that appeals to advisors is the company’s PortfolioAnalyst, an account aggregation and portfolio analysis tool. The company has also expanded its banking and cash management services and introduced a new, easy-to-use trading and account management platform.

August 2018|The Globe & Mail

Larry MacDonald Looks at the 20 Most-Shorted Companies on the TSX This Month

The author notes that investors would be better off buying stocks with high costs to borrow from a broker that shares the fees, since the income can be significant. However, few Canadian brokers share fees. One exception is Interactive Brokers Canada, which shares half the income with investors who participate in its Stock Yield Enhancement Program. Note: article is accessible via subscription.

August 2018|Fortune

100 Fastest Growing Companies

Interactive Brokers Group made Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2018 list. IBKR had three year earnings per share growth of 43%, three year revenue growth rate of 19%, and a three year total return of 17%.

July 2018|U.S. News & World Report

Why Investors Are Opting for Bitcoin Futures

Contributor Ellen Chang discusses the advantages and disadvantages of trading Bitcoin futures versus trading Bitcoin on the spot market. Bitcoin futures contracts offer less volatility and greater liquidity, notes Interactive Brokers chief market analyst Andrew Wilkinson.

May 2018|The Trading Show Chicago 2018 Conference

Thomas Peterffy's Speech on Successful Investing

Speaking at The Trading Show conference, Interactive Brokers CEO Thomas Peterffy said the only way to make money on Wall Street is by front running. He also explains why he is long Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in his portfolio.

May 2018|Barron's – The Striking Price

The Virtues of Hedging

Interactive Brokers Chief Options Strategist Steve Sosnick delves into the adage "sell in May and go away" and discusses whether other seasonal factors might lead investors to reducing risk in the spring.

May 2018|FinanceFeeds

Interactive Brokers adds Unbalanced Butterfly to Strategy Builder "Pick List"

Interactive Brokers further enhances the beta version of its Trader Workstation platform with the addition of an unbalanced butterfly spread to the pre-defined strategies list in Strategy Builder.

March 2018|Barron's

Interactive Brokers Takes Top Spot in Online Broker Ranking

Interactive Brokers ranked number one in Barron's 23rd annual ranking of The Best Online Brokers. IBKR won high marks for pricing, range of offerings, trading experience and portfolio analysis. Columnist Theresa Carey wrote that the Interactive Brokers’ low trading costs benefit both active and occasional traders. The firm was also ranked "Best for Frequent Traders" and "Best for Options Traders."

March 2018|

More Than 500k High-Volume Traders Use Interactive Brokers' Low-Cost Platform to Electronically Access Global Investment Data

Feature story on Interactive Brokers explains how the company offers low commissions and fees, along with the latest technology and access to markets in 26 countries. The company serves over a half million clients who process an average of 415 trades per year. Interactive Brokers also offers a debit card, linked directly to clients’ brokerage accounts, that enables clients to finance purchases using fully-paid shares as collateral, with margin fees of 1.9% for up to $300,000 borrowed.

March 2018|FinanceFeeds

Interactive Brokers launches IBKR Quant Blog

Interactive Brokers has created a blog for quantitative professionals. This new resource provides a wide variety of information on artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, natural language generation, employment topics, and R, Python and other popular programming languages. IBKR also created a video feed from its Traders’ Insight blog directly into Trader Workstation so that TWS users can view market commentary and analysis as well as live Bloomberg TV.

February 2018|Seeking Alpha

Interactive Brokers: Who Survives the Brokerage Price War?

The author discussed the recent price wars among brokerage firms, noting that Interactive Brokers provides the best price improvement on trades in the industry and is the leader in low cost margin loans. He notes that Interactive Brokers' SmartRouting system makes IBKR a strategic investment versus other brokers.

February 2018|CNBC

Interactive Brokers CEO Thomas Peterffy says the 'Short Volatility' Trade is Akin to what Caused the '87 Crash

In an interview on CNBC's "Squawk on The Street", Interactive Brokers CEO Thomas Peterffy said that the current market situation is similar to the '87 crash, because when investors are short volatility they eventually need to cover. He also said he expects more volatility ahead.

January 2018|Investor's Business Daily

Interactive Brokers Draws Online Traders with Low Fees, Tech Prowess

Interactive Brokers ranked among the five best brokers in IBD's 2018 Best Online Brokers survey. The company won high marks for Low Commissions & Fees, Trade Reliability, Mobile Trading Platform, Low Cost / Free ETF Trading, Options Trading Platform, Site Performance and Equity Trading Tools.

January 2018|Investor's Business Daily

Can Already Low Online Brokers' Fees Go Even Lower?

Low fees are a key component in attracting and retaining clients explains author Paul Katzeff. He notes that Interactive Brokers has the lowest commission charging a $1 minimum compared to Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab, which both charge $4.95 per trade, and other companies with even higher commissions.

January 2018|hedgeweek

The Power of Execution

Profile article on how Interactive Brokers uses technology and automation to provide hedge funds with a wide range of products and technological tools and help save them money. Executive Vice President Steven Sanders also explains how IBKR used technology to adapt to new regulations such as MiFID II.

January 2018|TheStreet

How to Make Money Off Your Brokerage Account by Doing Nothing

Ellen Chang explains how investors can make money with little risk by lending shares to brokers such as Interactive Brokers that offer Stock Yield Enhancement Programs.


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