2014 Media Coverage

October 2014|Forex Magnates

IB's Market Share Rises by a Full Percentage Point

Forex news and research source, Forex Magnates, delved through data reported to the CFTC by reporting Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) for the month of August, and highlighted those firms that saw changes in retail forex funds versus the prior month and changes in U.S. market share. In an article on, Victor Golovtchenko notes that Interactive Brokers is one of ten reporting FCMs to see its market share increase by a full percentage point to 7% of the U.S. market.

September 2014|Barron's

What’s New at Brokers

Barron’s Electronic Investor columnist Theresa Carey weighs in on the latest features introduced by brokerage firms this year, including Interactive Brokers. Carey notes that "Interactive Brokers has redesigned some features of its downloadable platform, Trader Workstation (version 946), including its Options Selector." Carey also points out that IB has added 17 new studies to its charting capabilities in the Trader Workstation.

August 2014|InvestmentNews

Custodians ranked by number of RIA custody clients

InvestmentNews, an information source for financial advisers, published Custodians ranked by number of RIA custody clients on August 13, 2014. Among the 14 participating custodians on the list, Interactive Brokers was ranked fifth by number of RIA custody clients. To view the ranking published by InvestmentNews please click the below link; the page requires a free registration to

July 2014|Fox Business Network

Solving the high-frequency trading debate without more regulations

Interactive Brokers founder, Chairman and CEO Thomas Peterffy discusses his proposed solution to address high-frequency trading with After the Bell hosts Cheryl Casone and Adam Shapiro. Peterffy explains his recommendation that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission mandate all U.S. equity and option trading venues hold each liquidity removing order for a random period of time.

June 2014|Financial Times

Defining high-frequency trading’s US level of evil

Reporter John Dizard of the Financial Times discusses liquidity in the equity markets, market structure reform and differing views on the debate over high-frequency trading. Dizard describes Interactive Brokers founder Thomas Peterffy’s opinion of HFT, including portions of a letter Peterffy sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission in May.

June 2014|Barron's

Peterffy's Smart Plan for Flash Trades

In his recent Barron's column, Steven M. Sears highlights a proposal by Interactive Brokers founder and chairman Thomas Peterffy to promote a level playing field for all market participants. In a letter sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission in May, Peterffy recommended that all stock and options trading venues institute a randomized delay of 10 to 200 milliseconds before releasing orders for execution to eliminate many of the advantages high-frequency traders currently enjoy. Sears explores Peterffy's proposal in Peterffy's Smart Plan for Flash Trades and describes how this plan promotes fairness in the markets.

June 2014|CNBC

Thomas Peterffy talks high-frequency trading

CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Interactive Brokers founder, chairman and CEO, Thomas Peterffy, at the Sandler O'Neill Global Exchange and Brokerage Conference about the impact of high-frequency trading (HFT) on the markets and Peterffy's view on the practice of payment for order flow. In response to Pisani's question about the practice, Peterffy responds that "payment for order flow creates a disincentive to brokers and internalizers to give the best price to the customer order because the better price you give to the customer order the less money you make. So it's a conflict of interest which is not resolvable easily and therefore I think it should be done away with."

March 2014|Barron's

The Best Online Brokers of 2014

Interactive Brokers was awarded top honors in Barron's 19th annual ranking of the Best Online Brokers, securing the #1 spot for the third year in a row. In addition to taking the top spot overall, IB was named "Best for Frequent Traders," "Best for International Traders" and "Best for Options Traders" in this year's review. Barron's columnist and operator of the Best Online Brokers annual ranking, Theresa W. Carey, noted that IB offers "extremely competitive pricing, and the lowest margin fees of any broker in our survey."

March 2014|Automated Trader

Interactive Brokers: The API of Many Flavours

Pete Spiro, Senior Programmer at Interactive Brokers, spoke with Automated Trader Magazine’s founder, Andy Webb, about the API and its users in an article first published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 32 Q1 2014. The Q&A traverses a range of topics, highlighting that IB, "was at the forefront of API development in the earliest days of automated trading and now has thousands of individual and institutional clients using the various flavours of its API."

March 2014|Barron’s

Interactive Brokers Offers New Tools for Options Traders

In her Electronic Investor column published Saturday, March 1, 2014, Barron’s columnist Theresa Carey weighs in on new software for active traders, highlighting two new trading tools available to Interactive Brokers customers: The Strategy Builder and the Option Strategy Lab. Particularly of interest to options traders, notes Carey, the Strategy Builder helps, “analyze the potential profitability before actually making the trade”, while the Option Strategy Lab looks at, “potential profit and loss based on your forecast for a stock’s price or volatility.”


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