Pre-Trade Allocations

Professional Advisors and Investment Managers use IBKR's Pre-Trade Allocations to allocate block trades to multiple client accounts with a single click.

Advisor Client Pre-Trade Allocations

Pre-Trade Allocations allow traders to:
  • Define a variety of criteria to automatically allocate shares to a single client account or to multiple client accounts.
  • Set up Account Groups to allocate shares based on a single method for a group of accounts.
  • Modify allocations on an order-by-order basis.
  • Set a default allocation that will be used automatically when you create an order, and easily change the default allocation at any time.
  • Create Account Aliases to assign easy-to-remember names to accounts.
  • Place orders and allocate shares directly from Trader Workstation.

Account Groups

Account Groups offer traders a way to automatically calculate ratios and allocate shares to pre-defined group of accounts.IBKR supports many different allocation methods for an Account Group:

  • Net Liquidation - Allocate shares based on ratios derived from each account's Net Liquidation Value.
  • Available Equity - Allocate shares based on ratios derived from each account's Available Equity.
  • Equal - Allocate shares equally to all accounts in the group.
  • User-Specified - Create methods with user-defined values such as number of units, per account ratios or percentages, and per-account monetary amounts.

Find out more about Account Groups and Methods in the TWS Users' Guide.

Allocation Order Tool

Manage allocations more efficiently with our one-stop Allocation Order tool. This tool combines some of our best allocation elements into a single interface, making it easy to allocate orders to:

  • Reduce or exit an existing position.
  • Increase or open a new positions
  • Rotate positions (close some and open others, almost simultaneously).

Find out more about the Allocation Order Tool in the TWS Users' Guide.

Rebalance for Advisors

Advisors can choose to redistribute percentages of positions in their subportfolio(s) by using the TWS Rebalance feature. Rebalance ALL accounts, a single subaccount, or a user-defined Account Group, which includes a subset of accounts. TWS opens and closes positions to rebalance selected accounts' portfolios based on the new percentages you enter. You can add financial instruments and create orders just as you would from the main trading screen.

Account Aliases

Account Aliases assigned to client accounts let you easily identify the accounts by meaningful names rather than account numbers.