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Year in Review
At Interactive Brokers, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced trading technology to help you lower your costs and maximize your returns1. Over the past several months, we have continued to drive innovation by releasing a host of new features that we think will enhance your trading experience. Now you can read about the most important new features, products and services in our Year in Review report, "Trade Smarter For Less."

The advances you'll read about in the Year in Review include IBot, our natural language trading interface that lets you type or speak TWS commands in plain English, our best-in-class mobile trading apps, and Greenwich Compliance, our new compliance resource for aspiring and experienced RIAs.
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Who is the Real Winner
of the Broker Price War?
Several online brokers were in the news recently when they lowered their commission rates. Some of the most recognizable names in our industry tried to gain an advantage over each other by repeatedly lowering their commissions.

However, the real winner of this broker price war is you! As an Interactive Brokers client, you enjoy commission and margin loan interest rates that are still lower than the new rates of those other brokers. Our rates are so consistently low that Barron's has named us a top Low Cost Broker for 16 years in a row2.

You save even more with our best price execution, which has been shown to be $0.06 better per 100 shares than the industry. Those other brokers may have dropped their commission rates, but they still sell their order flow3, which means that IB clients get better execution prices4 and lower commissions.

Now your friends can benefit from our low costs when you refer them to IB. Our Trader Referral Program pays you a cash bonus of up to $200 for each trader you refer who maintains an active IB account for one year. Click below to compare our rates to other brokers and see why you are the real winner in the broker price war, or to learn more about our Trader Referral Program.
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Trader Referral Program
PortfolioAnalyst Beta
PortfolioAnalyst has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Now in beta release, the new PortfolioAnalyst has a sleek, easy-to-use interface designed for any desktop or mobile device, and is available at no cost.

PortfolioAnalyst continues to provide easily customizable reports with a variety of sophisticated performance analyses and benchmark comparisons. Now you can view the performance, balance, assets and transactions of all of your accounts on a single screen, including your IB account and accounts held at financial institutions outside of IB. You can add almost any type of account, including brokerage, banking and even credit card accounts.
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Enhanced Returns with Covestor Smart Beta Portfolios
Smart Beta Portfolios from Covestor combine the benefits of actively managed fund stock selection techniques with passive ETF low cost automation to provide broad market exposure and lower costs to help increase your returns.

If you're an investor who wants the advantages of an actively managed mutual fund at the low cost of a passively managed ETF, Smart Beta Portfolios may be ideal for you. Smart Beta Portfolios offer many benefits, including:
  • Diversified exposure at lower costs
  • Automated investing based on active management stock selection
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • The ability to buy and sell just like stocks
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Python API
Implement Algo Trading coded in Python
By popular demand, our IB API is now available in the Python programming language. If you are looking to build your own automated trading application with a robust, high performance language, then our Python API may be your solution.
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Stock Yield Enhancement Program
in Canada
Our Stock Yield Enhancement Program lets you earn extra income on the fully paid shares of stock held in your account. Now this popular program is available to our clients in Canada.

The Stock Yield Enhancement Program allows IB to borrow shares from you in exchange for cash collateral, and then lend the shares to traders who want to sell them short and are willing to pay to borrow them. Each day that your stock is on loan, you will be paid interest on the cash collateral posted to your account for the loan, based on market rates.
Forex Auto Swap Program
Our new Forex Auto Swap Program provides clients who carry large forex positions with superior carry costs when holding positions not closed out intraday. The program, which is offered at no cost with no commissions or markups, lets these clients benefit from our participation in the interbank forex swaps market, where implied interest rate spreads are typically much narrower than spreads available in the retail deposit market.

Only ECP customers may participate in this program and the minimum transaction size is $10 million U.S. dollars or equivalent in foreign currency. To enroll in the program or get more information email
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More Advantages for Advisors
Compliance Reporting for Advisors
We now provide Section 13 monitoring, alerts and on-demand reporting in Account Management for advisors trading through us that may need to file Form 13F or Schedules 13D/13G with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because of the types and amount of positions held in their client and proprietary accounts. This system supports Form 13F and Schedule 13D/G monitoring and reporting for advisory firms with multiple advisors, and participating advisors can receive alerts and/or reports when their positions exceed thresholds specified in Section 13 of the Exchange Act.

CRM Now Supports VCards
Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in Account Management now supports exporting and importing VCards (.VCF files). VCards are used to store contact information in a standard file format that can be read in other email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. In CRM, Advisors and Brokers can now export individual records as VCards and import VCards into CRM. For CRM users who have many contacts in an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, VCards are a convenient way to save time entering those contacts into CRM.
Offshore Mutual Funds
We're making offshore mutual funds available to our non-US customers. Offshore mutual funds offer a number of benefits:
  • Lower operating costs and management fees than US-based funds due to reduced regulatory and administrative costs
  • Increased diversification
  • Automatic dividend and capital gains reinvestment
All offshore mutual funds are denominated in US dollars and are not available to US and Canadian clients.
New Products
  • FTSE 250 future on ICEEU
  • Commission free ETFs:
    • ETF Securities ETFs
    • ACSI ETFs
    • Cambria ETFs
New Exchanges
  • MIAX PEARL Options Exchange
New Research Providers
  • Intrinio
  • EventVestor
  • Accern
  • RealVision TV
  • ETF Guide (Free)
New Mutual Funds
We currently offer 8,497 mutual funds from 145 families, including 3,032 NTF funds. Since our last Communiqué, we've added 595 funds and 20 fund families, including:
  • CMG Funds
  • Wasatch Funds
  • Winning Points Funds
  • Kinetics Mutual Funds
  • Rareview Funds
  • Hennessy Funds
  • Kerns Capital Management Funds
  • FMI Funds
  • SilverPepper Funds
  • Deer Park Funds
  • USA Mutuals Funds
  • Needham Funds
  • Cullen Funds
  • Thompson IM Funds
  • Ave Maria Funds
  • Parnassus Funds
  • Bradesco Funds
  • Greenspring Fund
  • Angel Oak Funds
  • Aquila Funds
  • Highland Funds
Low cost, breadth of product and technology innovation consistently drive our progress at IB, and we continue to be recognized for the unique advantages we provide to our clients.
WSL Award
Winner 2017 Fund Technology and WSL Institutional Awards - Best Broker-Dealer Futures
CTA Award
Winner 2017 Fund Technology and WSL Institutional Awards - Best Broker-Dealer Options
HFM Award
Winner 2017 HFM Week CTA US Services Award - Best FCM - Technology
In addition, Interactive Brokers has been recognized as a top online broker by several organizations, including:
  • Preqin - We were ranked in the top ten brokers for hedge funds
  • Sum Zero - SumZero's poll asking which brokerage firms offer funds the best service showed Interactive Brokers winning by a wide margin. 27.3% of respondents selected IB, as compared to Morgan Stanley (13.16%), Goldman Sachs (8.95%), JP Morgan (7.3%), Fidelity (2.63%) and others.
  • futures io True Edge Award
  • Nerd Wallet
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[3] Based on the Rule 606 reports published by each firm.

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